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The BMC is running to meet the 15 July deadline to implement the Aadhar biometric system (BAS) to record the attendance of its employees, which was mandated by the central government.

Trying to catch the order of the central government and the technologically competent private organizations in the city, the enrollment of nearly 97 percent of its employees has been completed.

“The Commissioner announced during the Saturday review meeting that July 15 is the deadline for all employees to register on the system. The biometric system will increase productivity and lead to accountability. Of the required machinery, the installation of the rest is ongoing, “said Sudhir Naik, deputy municipal commissioner.

Therefore, biometric assistance will be mandatory for all employees since July 15. Failure to enroll in the system would pay cuts to the staff of the joint body.

The BMC, which appears to have been in the Stone Age at the behest of the central government last year had recorded the participation of the signatures in a register. In the new system, each employee’s Aadhar card number, as well as a fingerprint, is used to mark participation. The civic corps has registered 1.04 lakh employees in the system so far, while the record of 3,000 employees is still pending.

BMC’s previous method for signing a registry invited several complaints from citizens, who complained that staff are absent from their offices despite the list of attendance shows as present for the job. Personal Incidents that mark the time and leave early or not come to work was also a witness.

BAS shows how many employees are present at work on a given day, and weekly statistics.

Digital traffic marking is a common practice in private companies, organizations that use advanced techniques to prevent tampering and ensure that employees meet the required number of hours.

Of the 1.04 lakh employees who signed up, 88,000 are actively pursuing their digital participation. When Marked Mirror, 22 000 employees were present Sunday to work (BMC waste management and water departments work on Sunday as well).

To record attendance, employees will strike the last eight digits of their Aadhar number with a fingerprint. Switching to work late will automatically generate a “late” remark.

Staff members will also mark the “outside service” out of the office, which must first be approved by their department head. Otherwise, they will suffer a wage reduction for this day. Employees also have an application in which you can register an external service.

BAS will be essential in the timely monitoring of employees. For example, the system, approximately 78.4% of BMC employees involved before 9pm and will reach around 20% after 11 hours. The average “in time” recorded by the system so far is 8:55, while the average time out is 35 to 16 hours.

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