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The case came to the expulsion authority, as the former head of the Finance Committee still occupies an assigned aircraft.

Former chief secretary JP Dange, who earned himself the nickname of a squat occupant position in the NIC circle, is facing an action by the competent authority, which avoids passing officers.

The former NIC lot officer 1973 who retired as head of the fourth Finance Committee in May 2015, still occupying the apartment that had been adjudicated in an apartment opposite the Plush Cricket Club India.

With all attempts to evacuate the Yashodhan apartment trying to pick up a farmer, the state general administration department has referred the case to the expulsion authority, Vandana Gevraikar. However, Dange is no stranger to such controversy.

Previously he had shouted a problem and refused to leave his official bungalow after he was removed as Maharashtra’s chief secretary in January 2011.

Ranksh Kadam, an inspector working in the office of the expulsion authority, said: “Dange recently asked for an extension to remain Minister Yashodhan Devendra Fadnavis and therefore should not throw it. We are waiting for a response from the Department of public works.

If the CM has not given any extension, we will spend an order of two to three days to expel it. ”

A senior official of the Ministry Secretariat told Mumbai Mirror that Fadnavis gave no extension to Dange. “There are some days, met with Secretary General Sumit Mullick, who told him that the Regulation should be followed,” added the official.

When this correspondent called Dange, he listened to the requests, but said nothing and hung up.

Under the Maharashtra Government’s rules, an official casket may be retained for a period of three months after the official’s withdrawal or terminates his term.

Dange was appointed the 32nd secretary-general of Maharashtra by Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. But when Prithviraj Chavan took the CM post, he found work with Dange extremely difficult and named Ratnakar Gaikwad as chief secretary.

At that time, Dange remained at the A-10 bungalows Madam Bed Road and refused to move. Consequently, Gaikwad could not leave the bungalow when he was awarded the Commissioner of MMRDA and had to travel every day from Bandra to Mantralaya.

Dange spoke to the bungalow saying that the house had been granted in his name and not for the post of chief secretary. After much persuasion, he left the residence only when Gaikwad has solved the anomaly and assigned to the General Secretariat.

Dange was finally appointed Chairman of the Fourth Finance Committee and awarded the fixed number 21 in the Yashodhan Building.

A senior NIC official acknowledged that they faced a housing shortage.

“Many retired bureaucrats receive post-retirement publications and need government apartments. In such a scenario, people like Dange must leave homes where they no longer have the right to remain,” he added.

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