India won’t sit idly if its soldiers are attacked: US lawmaker cautions Pakistan

India won’t sit idly if its soldiers are attacked: US lawmaker cautions Pakistan

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A US lawmaker warned Pakistan that India would not stop if its soldiers or citizens were attacked, calling on Islamabad to suppress extremist groups in its territory.

Joe Crowley, chairman of the Democratic House bench, told PTI that the situation on the intra-Pakistan border was volatile in recent months due to the activity of militant groups supported by Pakistan and asked the Trump administration to exercise more Pressure on the country.

“They (the Trump administration) must be more to put pressure on Pakistan to go after LeT and other militant groups in Pakistan that cause tensions on the border between India and Pakistan,” he said. Answer to a question

“I think the emphasis is on the fact that (Pakistan) have to do more to prevent these violent and extremist groups in Pakistan from themselves, because India will not stop if soldiers or citizens are attacked,” said Crowley , Former co-chairman of the House of India bench.

The MP said that these issues should be handled bilaterally between the two countries.

“But I think there is a role that the United States can play as friends in India and Pakistan to pressure our friends to find a way forward to help keep the peace in the region and reconcile,” said the Democratic lawmaker said New York.

Crowley also hopes that the administration would take trumpet contributions from India in its Afghanistan policy, which is supposed to be in its later stages of completion.

“I certainly hope that the President and the State Department will take into account the views of the Government of India.” The Indian people and their government have suffered a terrorist attack after a terrorist attack, “he said.
He said that the historical ties between the Afghans and the Indians are important elements to consider in terms of creating a doctrine that has failed.

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