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The death of the Wilson University student, 17 in Marine Drive June 27, triggers a move; Cops also block part of the walk

After repeated requests to citizens to stop taking risks in the pursuit of perfect self-help were met with indifference, who also saw the death of a young 17-year-old girl last week, Mumbai police has renewed efforts to address The “murderous selfies”.

Police decided to call the popular crowd like Marine Drive, Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu Beach to discourage trend-setters from venturing too close to the water this season, especially when big waves hit shore.

The Chunabhatti resident, Preeti Pisa, was dragged out to sea on Marine Drive on June 27 at high tide. Police said college student Wilson proudly dodged great waves on his foot when he lost his life.

On Sunday, police blocked a portion of the large bridge to prevent visitors to approach the sea waves boosted swollen. Continuous announcements were made to deliver the message. Despite the efforts, some have managed to sneak into the barricades.

The staff who cared for the place spoke with them and took them to a safe place. Police in February 2016, declared dangerous areas around the city to direct the public to avoid taking autofotos in these places. Council has also been held in these places to warn visitors.

“While it is clearly defined that some areas will not be indicated, the public is for an image or simply decides to positively break the rules,” said a police officer at Yellow Gate station.

The official said they impose safety standards for people who can sometimes cause disturbances. “Do not enjoy your pleasure.”

While flocks of tourists and visitors Mumbaikars Marine Drive and other beaches to enjoy during the rains, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Rashmi Karandikar said that the obsession with autofotos puts many at risk. “All we want is for them to enjoy time without risking their lives. Life is more important than fun.”

Alarmed by the disturbing trend, the Mumbai police social media team began posting spiritual messages to hear the message. Karandikar said “Our goal is to spread the message of not leaving a self-harm cause we do in all available means.”

The officer added: “If someone has seen the risk of the life of their companions or of their companions, our people and speak their escort of them to safety.”

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