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The fight between pet lovers and other residents are all too common in housing companies in the city, but a complex in New Bombay took this fight to the next level. He threatened those who feed on “social boycott” and committed to name and shame regularly.

Friends of women who are victims of “social boycott” even received packages with obscene images May 28 mention their love for dogs, resulting in the filing of a FIR against unknown offenders.

Seawoods Estates Ltd (SEL), a high-quality housing complex consisting of 46 buildings in Nerul, was an unpleasant confrontation between pet owners and the Board of Directors of the Society since February this year.

On Sunday, another notice was in place, warning the residents against loss and still saying that the photos of some of them had been presented to the police. “Displaced food is illegal without the inclusion of the Animal Protection Council in India and in nearby places not their own residences.

We regret that some of our residents have little respect for the principles exposed, and violated the rules despite repeated requests, “the notice said. We have two sets of photographs as evidence of rape and we have filed for the police.

Other names with the residents of the photographs will be posted on the bulletin board at the appropriate time. “The announcement came a day after the NRI Police advised victims to file a lawsuit against the” social boycott “council for breach of privacy as it revealed their personal data and embarrassing public distribution of pamphlets in The complex.

The first notice, set February 28, has published the names, phone numbers, email IDs and addresses of seven animal lovers. The notice said: “When you see a member of the family of 7 apartments above carry a pet, send the data by letter accompanied by a photo owner with the dog.

We can socially boycott these 7 families because of its friendly nature of the law for stray dogs is our disadvantage. We can advise SEL to tighten their priority vehicles if they are in “No parking” areas and check their cards every time they enter the complex because they comply with the laws.

The notice also urged residents to circulate opinion on social networks “to carry out the true character of these pseudo-love dogs.”

In April, the Thane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) issued a warning to SEL’s management of intimidation and criminal harassment of citizens, reminding them of the Supreme Court’s guidelines to feed displaced persons In a society is not illegal.

Things took a turn for the worse, on May 28, when seven residents who were “socially boycotted” receive packages including pornographic content, including photos of dogs. On May 30, an FIR appeared at the NRI Sagari police station against unknown offenders for the indecent assault.

Ranjit Singh, director of salt, who signed the notice Sunday stated that Seawoods was not a dangerous complex. “The issues raised in the recent notification were made by the board.” For us, each individual resident is the same, if some of them feel harassed, we can not do anything.

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