NDA Exam in first Attempt

How hard is it exactly to qualify for the NDA Exam in first Attempt ?

By: cjprincemedia

Yes, it is difficult, the selection ratio is 3 out of 4000 or 1 in 1333. So it should be the best of the best.

From test 1 to the entrance of the NDA, it is subjected to 6 tests.

Test 1, the written test, you must have good grades in your writing and describe the two rupture disks separately.

Once finished, wait for the results.

Tips: Make sure the role of math is fine because it is a third part of the paper. The second document is easy if you have good English and GK.

Test 2 is the call to SSB, you can receive the call when the threshold has been crossed separately for each subject.

Test 3, the SSB screen, congratulations call SSB and delete the writing, but the work is not yet finished here. You must be eligible on the first day of the SSB procedure.

Tip: make sure you have asked many RTI questions, ie d. Verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions.

You need to make a story that has an impact, make your personal narrative with confidence and do not deliver to the fishing market while the discussion continues, just give good 1-2 points is enough. In this way, the procedure will be followed from the first day without problems.

Test 4, deleting the conference, should be recommended after four days of SSB.

Tips: You must do good in all areas.

Psychiez and think of yourself first, this way, it completes all the time.

GTO, either with the group, does not act as a boss. TO WIN TO WIN YOUR GROUP. It is easy navigation.

Interview, it is not revealed to respond to the cream and to the point and to be truthful, not too sincere.

Test 5, the suppression of medicine.

Tip: You can not do anything in this area, as this is the area that is out of your reach. Pray that you spend.

Test 6, delete the merit list.

Tip: If you need to delete your writing you should have been exceptionally well because your merit largely depends on your written exam,  try to get over 500 in your writing.

Once this is completed, it is located outside the gate of the NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune


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