Pakistan violates ceasefire again, targets Indian posts in J-K’s Mankote sector

Pakistan violates ceasefire again, targets Indian posts in J-K’s Mankote sector

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Pakistan opened Wednesday morning in Indian positions in the Jammu and Kashmir sector of Mankote, to positions close to the area where two Indian soldiers were killed in a raid on the Line of Control for two days.
The Pakistani side began firing around 1:30 p.m. and the exchange continued for five hours, according to sources of information on the latest violation of the ceasefire by the neighboring country.
There were unconfirmed reports of a wounded soldier, the source said.
On Monday, Pakistan’s border action team has poured into Indian territory and mutilated two soldiers in the Krishna Ghati area in Poonch District.
The ambush, backed by mortar shelling and artillery fire against a joint patrol of 10 members of the Border Security Force and the army, killed Sergeant Paramjit Singh, a young junior officer of 42 22 years with SJ regiment and 45. Chief Called Prem Sagar 200 battalion of the BSF.
Their bodies were discovered by the death of Krishna sector Ghati. India said on Tuesday that Pakistan’s inhuman act and drasard deserved unequivocal response.
Speaking of his Pakistani counterpart, general director of military operations, Lieutenant General AK Bhatt, also expressed concern about BAT training camps near the de facto border.
Pakistan has denied that its troops were involved in the attack. The interrelationship of public services, the advertising wing of the Pakistani Army, India asked to refrain from actions that “could lead to a wave of environment and affect peace along the Line of Control.”
On Tuesday night, militants snatched service rifles from five police officers guarding the tennis complex in Shopian district, Kashmir, police said Wednesday.
A group of activists got into the court facilities and reduced the five police officers in service, the official said.
Police SLR rifles were removed. Nobody was hurt in the incident.
In recent weeks, Kashmir has seen an increase in militant violence directed at all staff and security facilities, even if violent demonstrations continue on the street.

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