Sikkim standoff: If China wants to play Kashmir card, a confident India is more than ready

By: cjprincemedia

The current situation of stagnation with China in the Doka region in the Sikkim sector is a struggle that India can not afford to lose. This is not only the strategic vulnerability of the Siliguri Corridor (which is undoubtedly a major concern), which also belongs to India’s position as a great power that bought insurance to small nations in its sphere of Influence to balance Chinese hostile revenge.

And, finally, there is also the principle of the liberal democratic order of authoritarianism. The rise in China poses a unique threat in the world in terms of sets in a superpower value puts on the table to shape the world around him. The threat to Asia is obviously more serious.

The stakes are high and deep. China also knows this, so its belligerence touch new heights (or less, if you will) every day. While India’s response was insightful enough, China has been involved in a dangerous game at the edge of the cliff.

Unless the warbler blew, China has opened several fronts to intimidate India into submission. It seems unlikely that a military conflict at this stage, but this possibility seems directly proportional to the length of this impasse.

Image of the first Minsiter file Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping. ReutersFile image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

But now the mask is off. Thanks to intensified psychological warfare, China now reports that it is willing to exchange a largely peaceful bilateral relationship with India in exchange for strategic advantages in the tri-union area that would eventually allow: (a) Tibet’s economic center The Himalayan border, and (b) maintain a key advantage over the Indian army in the Sikkim sector.

“Even if India had been invited to defend the territory of Bhutan, it could be limited to its established territory and not in the disputed area.

Otherwise, according to the logic of India, if the request of the government of Pakistan, the army of a third country may enter the disputed area between India and Pakistan, including Indian-controlled Kashmir, “said Long, Who also serves as director of the Center for Indigenous Studies of the normal Western Chinese University.

He is going to say that if such an event occurs, India could expect no help from the international community (read deteriorated states), as they appreciate more transactional relationship with Beijing.

“At present, although the United States and other Western countries intend to contain China by supporting India, they have a wide range of common interests with China.

Therefore, Western countries can not unconditionally limit themselves to India’s side to India’s incursion into Chinese territory, “the academic.

“It is true that Bhutan has an Indian military presence informed by India, and yes, the Bhutanese army is made up of India and even financed by India, but this is not in Bhutan’s defense.

This is for the safety of India. In India’s defense strategy plan against China, India has over Bhutan’s ability to provide its international borders with China.

The army of India is Bhutan for the defense of India. Similarly, the recent action of the Indian army on the Doklam board has nothing to do with Bhutan’s national interest or Bhutan’s security force for Doklam “wrote Wangcha Sangey apparently” legal adviser Bhutan. “

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