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Hamburg: New clashes erupted Sunday morning on the streets of Hamburg after the G-20 summit, with demonstrators burning several vehicles, police said.

Demonstrators gathered after the summit in the Schanzen district, a stronghold of the far left radicals that has been the scene of numerous clashes since Thursday.

Armed with glass bottles and target vehicles, they were burned, protesters were repelled by officers, use of water cannons and tear gas, police said on Twitter.

According to the latest police figures, some 213 police were injured since Thursday, and 143 people were arrested. There is no specific number for injured protesters available.

President Steinmeier visited the wounded officers at the hospital Sunday morning with Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz said he was “shocked and dismayed” by the “destruction of the will and demonstrators against the police and citizens’ property” .

“We must ask ourselves as Democrats if some violent demonstrators can prevent countries like Germany from holding such international meetings,” Steinmeier told reporters.

Scholz thanked the “heroic” police service and the citizens of Hamburg who brought flowers to a military hospital, where many workers were treated, with a promise of compensation for those who suffered losses due to vandalism.

He rejected criticism from some peaceful demonstrators that the police had been excessive in their repression and called for “lengthy prison sentences” for the participants in the riots.

The outbreak of violence at the meeting has raised specific questions about how Hamburg could descend into the “public domain” and why Chancellor Angela Merkel chose a house of left-wing militancy as a meeting place.

Hamburg, a vibrant port city is a stronghold of anti-capitalist radicals and authorities have long attacked for possible violence within the framework of the summit.

Thursday a planned peaceful march of about 12 000 people protesting against globalization became violent as a hard core black masked anarchist block allegedly attacked the police and went through the streets of the city.

German federal police union hit Friday to block black, accusing them of police “abduct peaceful demonstrations of tens of thousands of people to deliberately attack.”

The clashes took place as leaders of the world’s 20 largest developed and emerging economies held a two-day meeting focused on trade, terrorism, climate change and other key global issues.

World leaders have made concessions on trade and climate language to US President Donald Trump Saturday at the end of the G-20 summit’s most fragile and eminent in exchange for preserving a fragile unity of the club’s major Industrialized and emerging economies.

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