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Mumbai’s commercial activities resumed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) late today, after the system has faced technical shortcomings tomorrow which resulted in the disruption of trade.

A spokesman for the trade exchange said resumes at 12:30 p.m. and that there was no problem.

Investors have experienced problems running the morning due to technical failures operations forced the switch to stop trading in cash and F & O segment (futures and options).

“Due to technical reasons in the cash market, trading was stopped in cash and F & O segment of NSE,” the exchange said in a statement at about 1,030 hours.

The NSE technical team examines the problem and the market for reopening of time will be announced shortly, he said.

Later, the head of the NSE business, Ravi Varanasi, said normal market operations reopened at 11 am 15.

However, as already the persistence of technical problems, there has been a delay in the resumption of normal trade. Finally, operations have resumed at 12:30 p.m.

The spokesman said the cash flow and the Faith segments and operating normally, but a “screen problem has noticed that is addressed.” A spokesman for the BSE said change is not a problem.

Previously, brokers and traded in the NSE had said that stock prices have not been updated and there was also a problem of access to the segment of Faith and Order

In a message on its website, the NSE said it is expected to market segment of cash to re-open at 12.15 pm and end in 1222 to 1223 hours.

“The normal cash market market and the Faith segment and open at 12:30 pm,” he said.

The change also indicates that the F & O segment, members receive a 15 minute window to cancel their pending orders and the window had to be available 12 a.m.-12 p.m. 29.

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